Sunday, May 6, 2012

There is a Talented Author Within - Where did she go?

The writing world is a fascinating place.  From day to day you are in the groove and have the muse dancing around you singing your brilliance one moment, then at a standstill staring at a blank screen or piece of white paper the next.  Sound frustrating?  You bet! 

There are some funny memes going around about the concept of a writer.  Here are a couple of them:

These are definitely worth the words unspoken and implied.  There are days where I read what I have written and feel like someone else wrote it.  "She's a genius," I think.  Then, I go to add to my masterpiece and feel like this:

Having that kind of week right now.  I open up my documents and read a bit to get into the feel of the next scene and find myself staring at nothing, or managing to type only 100 words before I flounder and give up.  I know the key to working through writer's block is to just keep writing, even if its nonsensical jibberish you'll only delete later.  But, it can be daunting to write up 800 words of jibberish to just delete later and find yourself back at page 2 when you were on page 22.

I just want to move forward!

Happy Reading!


James Garcia Jr. said...

Hang in there, champ!
I don't know if you know this about me, but I started writing while in school, but put it away in my mid twenties when the boys were born. I tried to jump start my writing several times over the years, but nothing clicked. Seeing my name on a book was a pipe-dream, essentially.
Finally, as I was turning 38, I realized the regret that I was going to feel if I didn't give it one last chance. So I did. Ever since then, it has been a heck of a ride.
Although we're new pals, you and I, I know you don't want any part of regret. I know this! So take this *hug* and take it easy. Don't beat yourself up or anything.
It'll come.


Sia said...

Thanks, Jimmy!

I started writing at age 19. I'm practically looking at that many years writing off and on with nothing to show for it. I went back to college, finished my degree, got a job, had a family, married, divorced.... And the dream still lives on.

Thank you again for the hug, I have one stored up for you as soon as I get this writing finished and ready for betas, edits, and finally a publication date. I'm ready to ride the ride your on - I think I'm tall enough now. ;) I really appreciate your words of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave this for me. ~hugs~

Diana Murdock said...

At least you doing something. Even movement sideways is something. If nothing else, keep your eyes on the end result. You'll get there. We all have those weeks. It's especially difficult raising two children. That tends to splint the concentration factor. Hugs, sis!