Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Warning: Graphic Photo Within



I know.  You were probably expecting far worse, so this should be a source of some relief.  This was the surprise awaiting me when I came home from work today.  This is a nice surprise.  I praised and praised my cats for the gift - because it keeps the rodent population down and that means there will be fewer in my house and in my inhumane traps.

But, don't you wish more sites came with some sort of warning regarding the content?  

Recently, I was seeking costume ideas.  Having lost a significant amount of weight, I wanted to wear something tasteful as I took my children around for trick or treating.  I mean - goodness - I haven't lost that much weight, but it does make me feel better about myself to want to be noticed a wee bit.

Since one child is going as an angel and the other a cheerleader, I thought I would have a costume as a Disney character.  This is the type of stuff I found:

Unfortunately, my children were looking over my shoulder while I was doing the search and pointing out how they were pretty dresses and giving their input on which one I should get.  I don't know about you, but I don't remember any of these Disney characters wearing dresses that short and revealing.  I'm just a mom trying to find a costume to wear alongside my kids, but it appears like the majority of the women seeking costumes are college-aged women intending to party it up on Halloween.  Well, that's the impression I'm getting from the type of costumes available in these search engines.

I explained to the girls that Mommy wasn't comfortable wearing so little clothes on a very cold Halloween night while trick-or-treating and moved on in my search for something less revealing.  So, I looked for more generic ideas such as fortune teller, pirate, etc. and all of my size were taken.  Guess the other moms got to them first.  After hours of searching I finally found the perfect costume:

And just in time too.  There are none left.  This was way more the type of costume I was hoping for.  Tasteful and non-threatening and long enough that I might not need a coat.

On a side note, there is a Zombie Walk in Kalamazoo, Michigan this weekend to try for the Guinness World Records.  My sister plans on going and asked me to join her and her boyfriend.  They are going as hippie zombies.  This created a hunt for another costume - a scary one that won't be appreciated by my offspring.  I am going as a corpse bride.  I'll try to get photos and post them in a follow up after the weekend.

So, now for the readers to chime in.  How many parents out there still dress up for Halloween?

Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Never-ending Triathlon of Life

Ever feel like you're juggling too much?  That could be the reason why you haven't heard from me since July.  Since the draft of my paranormal romance was completed and I found beta readers to assist in critiquing it, I've been juggling that with work and the kids heading back to school.  I even managed to work a bit in the back yard and started working on weight loss (have to look good for that author's page and all the websites that will be going up as a result; please see the new badge on my blog).

So, add all that up, sprinkle in some major cleaning activities, fair trips, four new goldfish to take care of, birthday parties, vacation bible school, and very little me time and you have one tired out writer mama who dropped the ball on her blog followers.  I would apologize, but I'm sure many of you have had the same things happen in your life.  So my apology will come in the form of a follow up.

As a follow up to the last post, I have to say that two out of five beta readers have given me their input on the book; very favorable responses both of them.  I've been editing the draft and am up to the middle of the book so far.  I've added in two chapters and a prologue so far along with the editing.  I'm having a slight problem with formatting, which I am going to try to hold off on fixing until I'm done with the editing.  Once I'm done with editing and formatting, I will have to find an editor.  Anybody know anyone reasonably priced?  

After the editing, I'm hoping to snag a few ARC readers to do a preliminary read and review on the book before I actually publish.  My goal is to have all this done to have a release date between December 1st and 15th.  ~knock on wood~  Anyone have a spare four-leaved clover?  I may need to borrow a silver horseshoe for the front door, too.  People have those laying around, right?  

Until next time....

Happy reading!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Unfinished Work

Hello, Sia followers!

Did you ever have way too many irons in the fire.  Having a yard for the first time to work with has given me way too many projects to do outside.  I managed to finish using Mold Armour to get the disgusting green mold off the outside of my house and it's a beautiful baby blue again (I didn't put the mold there in the first place; that was the previous owner).  I got rid of that awful pile of wood and I even have a deck, table, and grill set up.  I still need to get a photo of my new shed too.  Still haven't used it - need some tidying up first - but it will really improve the state of my yard.  Then, there's my most recent addition to the yard - an unfinished tree bench.  I would have had this done back in June, but the screws kept acting stripped and pulling apart as soon as you finish a section.  Then between long hours at work and the heat wave/drought we've been having, I've been trying to stay in the A/C to keep cool and hydrated.  So, it remains unfinished. 
Another unfinished project is the raised bed I was supposed to have gotten put together last summer to start a garden in.  I had these big plans to start with one raised bed and put chicken wire around it for a place for the sugar snap peas and green beans to grow.  And, if it was successful, I was hoping to add another each summer until I am able to have enough produce over the summer and some to freeze and can.  Well, that hasn't happened either.  Which, considering the drought, might be a good thing.
Some people believe one of the reasons why spirits still walk this earth is because of unfinished business here.  I really hope my unfinished yard work doesn't become my unfinished business - roaming my yard and wailing about the work to still be done.  Oh, wait....  Did that last week.  Ok, moving on. 
So, yes, I believe in ghosts.  I've been on ghost hunts and have been slowly collecting all the equipment I would need to help in measure activity.  I have an EMF detector, my phone has an application that supposedly picks up voices, and I have dousing rods.  I even took a class and have a signed certificate saying I have completed a ghost-hunting course that included hands on experience.
Recently I have practically become a specter to my Twitter and Facebook friends and family.  I've been so wrapped up in doing anything but go on the computer and finish the draft of my first Atlantean book that I am sure you all have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to.  Well, I was afraid.  Honestly afraid of finishing the first draft.  I was afraid to get the book out there to be criticized and found lacking.  I was afraid of editing - because I felt like I would be cutting up something I poured so much of myself and my life into.  I was afraid of costs to get a hard copy to beta readers.  I had found just about anything and everything to be afraid of.  But, I should have been afraid of never finishing.
Needless to say, the draft is done and now I am in the process of brainstorming cover ideas to give myself a wee break before I dive into editing.  Anything keeping you from finishing your life's work?
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Starting Fires

I have a story to tell you about an outdoor experience I had at the beginning of June and some insights I received while working at it.  Imagine you have a pile of wood like I have shown above.  Yes, this is a real pile of wood.  It was nearly the height of a man of six feet.  My children, myself, and my ex-husband had gathered this wood together over the course of a week or two and it has been sitting in my yard, marinating.  I was planning on having a birthday party outside at my place and had to be rid of this monstrosity.  I was taught that to get a fire going, you have to start little fires, and, considering its considerable size and mass, I knew I would be putting these little fires all around until it caught. 

Then it blessedly took off! 

Patience and perseverance was necessary to get the blaze needed to consume the monstrous horde.  The insight I received from this work was that people are often setting off small flames in their lives, hoping to find the all-consuming blaze.  That was too metaphorical.  To put it bluntly: exploring relationships hoping that one day they will find their one true love.  Or, enjoying the small flames, but moving on as soon as they blow out in search for the next brief fire to enjoy the small warmth from and never nurturing something into the blaze it could be.  If I had given up 15 minutes before the little fires took off, I would not have accomplished the goal I set out to achieve and that huge pile of wood would still be cluttering up my back yard.

So, the fire blazed for a long while.  I was always close to the flames trying to push in the branches with my bare hands closer to the blaze or watering the surrounding grasses to keep it from getting out of hand.  Last thing my neighbor needed was a grass fire heading to his new home.

That was when the next insight hit me:  when we have accomplished something, there is still work to maintain it.  When you find the flame you've been looking for (whether a job, relationship, education, or enlightenment), you have to continue working at it or you will lose it.  As an aspiring author, I have been neglecting my writing because I have been putting my energy in maintaining familial relationships, reading for a yearly goal, working overtime to get caught up to enjoy my vacations/time-off guilt-free, keeping up with my health issues, and keeping up with the yard work.  I had plenty of excuses, but I was still neglecting something important to me and now I find myself with writers block - again.  It's time to get back to work, regardless of the discomfort getting close to the fire will bring.

And like all great blazes, even this one began to die down. 
Even at this level, the flames were hot enough that my face felt seared and puffed with redness as though I was sunburned.  At this stage, I was gathering more around the periphery to throw into the center and risking my shoes in the hot embers surrounding the still burning limbs.

That's when I found this: 
This snake was hiding under a large piece of bark trying to find a safe warm place to stay for the night when I stumbled upon it.  We managed to eye each other cautiously without having any issues before I moved on with my task.  I kept a wide berth of the area I found it in to avoid making it nervous.  Unfortunately, the cold was increasing and the snake decided to look for warmth.  The most promising warmth it was feeling was the fire mere inches from its cold-blooded body.  So, naturally - although remarkably suicidal - it got closer to the fire.

I know this is difficult to see in this photo.  The light was fast disappearing and I was a little unnerved to find the snake getting closer to the white embers.  It didn't stop that close, but got even closer, especially as the flames died down to the hot embers.  The snake acted like it didn't know it was in danger and continued to get closer and closer.  I went around the fire, closer to its location, and it reared back and hissed and snapped at me threateningly.  I understood and backed up, but it foolishly entered the hot embers and immediately began rolling in pain.  I grabbed the hose and doused it liberally, but it lay belly up for the longest time, I was certain it had died. I approached it again, but again it rallied and snapped at me threateningly, even though it was wounded.  And I finally left it alone.

The next insight I received was how people search for warmth like this snake did and end up hurting themselves.  As though desperate in their loneliness, they throw away their good sense and self-preservation, taking unnecessary risks to have just a moment of warmth from outside of themselves.  Sometimes the journey is uncomfortable and cold, but it is much better to seek out a safe, warm place by traveling through the cold, dewy grass than to go up in flames.  And, when people are hurt because of bad choices, they often strike out at those who are trying to help, just as this poor snake did.

Back in February, I blogged about Past Revealed for Future Growth.  In it I mentioned the Temple of the Sacred Flame.  Lessons from the element of fire are often painful, but memorable.  Recently I found a site that gives the location of the temple in Luxor, Egypt.  The site mentions how this once great temple is now a retreat for those wishing to ascend.  When you have succeeded in elevating your perceptions, you can move on toward the next room and the next insight.  I succeeded in gaining insights in every day work without having to go all the way to Luxor, or deprive myself of anything in my daily life such as my work, children, family, food or goals. 

Don't set yourself up to believe one thing only.  Life is about the revelations to come and you can move forward if you just remain open to Possibility.  Let go; let life move forward; and happy reading.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you Googled yourself lately?

Ever try to Google yourself?  I did today.  I'm pretty easy to find between the Gmail account, Twitter account, Facebook account, Linkedin account, this blog, and the blogs I comment on.  I even discovered today I'm the only person with my name (First and Last) in Michigan and the United States. 
I wonder what the pros and cons are of having as much exposure to myself as I have.  My grandparents are from the era that anything they hear in the news will happen to you.  Identity theft is something I am being continually harrassed about at home.  I'm constantly being reminded that I can endanger myself, my children, my finances, and my reputation if I put anything on my Facebook or Twitter feeds that would be considered "too personal".  Since I'm the only person with my name, I would think it would be easy to find someone impersonating me.

But, being an aspiring author, you also have to consider exposure as a good thing.  The more traffic to your blog, the better you'll be received into the community of authors you need to have as your support base.  The better your writing on that blog, the more interest you'll receive from book reviewers, publishers, agents, etc.  Word of mouth used to be your ally with respect to your reputation as an author, politician, caretaker and other pursuits.  But in the age of technology, being found in a search engine so someone can see who you are, where you are from and where you are going is today's "word of mouth".  If you are on Google, you just may be somebody.

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille."

Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

There is a Talented Author Within - Where did she go?

The writing world is a fascinating place.  From day to day you are in the groove and have the muse dancing around you singing your brilliance one moment, then at a standstill staring at a blank screen or piece of white paper the next.  Sound frustrating?  You bet! 

There are some funny memes going around about the concept of a writer.  Here are a couple of them:

These are definitely worth the words unspoken and implied.  There are days where I read what I have written and feel like someone else wrote it.  "She's a genius," I think.  Then, I go to add to my masterpiece and feel like this:

Having that kind of week right now.  I open up my documents and read a bit to get into the feel of the next scene and find myself staring at nothing, or managing to type only 100 words before I flounder and give up.  I know the key to working through writer's block is to just keep writing, even if its nonsensical jibberish you'll only delete later.  But, it can be daunting to write up 800 words of jibberish to just delete later and find yourself back at page 2 when you were on page 22.

I just want to move forward!

Happy Reading!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Around the World

I know this is a day after the fact, but sometimes the best time to reflect on something is after it already happened.  After all, hindsight is 20/20 while foresight is often blind.

In Christianity, the celebration of Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead.  He was reborn as a full man into the same life three days after his death.  Why?  To let everyone know his sacrifice was to cover their sins.  He was the sacrificial lamb, so it would no longer be necessary to slaughter animals to cover their sins and appease God. 

Baptism in Christianity is a symbol of rebirth as well.  With Baptists you are fully immersed in water to symbolize you being buried in the earth with Christ and, as you are lifted up, you are born again into a renewed life where Christ is your center.

In Egypt, the Ankh is a symbol of rebirth.  Look at the symbol.  It looks like someone standing tall with their arms out.  Where the heart would be there is a shield.  A shield is a weapon as well as a means of defense.  You cannot stop your enemy's sword without one. 

The ankh is also called the "key of life" or translated in heiroglyphs as "eternal life".  The gods were often depicted carrying these symbols, sometimes carrying two at a time.  Isis in particular was known to be associated with this symbol and was also the goddess to have brough Osiris back from the dead.

In Greece, Persia, China, Israel, and other areas the Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth.

The phoenix must suffer pain and fire before being able to be birthed from its own ashes.  An author colleague of mine, Angela Wallace, had done a fantastic job blogging on the Phoenix in June of 2011.  Her research went into a book called, Phoenix Feather, which is a delightful read and it's available at Amazon.

The Native Americans have ceremonies where those leaving childhood behind to enter into adulthood receive a new name.  This is a form of recognizing the death of one life and the entering into a new one.  But, Native Americans, also believed in the existence of the soul and its rebirth into new lives.  Warren Jefferson wrote a book entitled, Reincarnation beliefs of North American Indians, where he narrates a Winnebago Shaman's two previous lives and what happened inbetween them.

Then there is the ultimate symbol to represent rebirth, renewal, reincarnation: infinity.  The twisting band goes on forever, never meeting its beginning or end because neither exist  This is what I think of in terms of our soul: never-ending.

I'm sure there are far more to discuss, but what will I write about next year if I pen them all now?

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a fabulous week.

Happy Reading!

Monday, April 2, 2012

One of the Lucky Ones

While I technically didn't get officially elected, I'm taking from James Garcia Jr.'s post and Tameri Etherton's post that I have been unofficially selected to be a winner of the Lucky 7 Meme.  Thanks, Jimmy and Tameri!  Happy Birthday to you both as well!  So, with no further ado, let's see what we have.

Here are the rules:
1) Go to page 77 of your current WIP.
2) Go to line 7.
3) Copy down the next seven sentences, lines, paragraphs (I've seen it done many ways).
4) Tag 7 other authors.
5) Let them know.

I've elected to post seven paragraphs per item 3) above.  Please be forewarned, there is very adult content here.  I even had to change my blog's settings for mature content.  This is from my upcoming first book of a trilogy on Atlantis.  The current working title is Before Atlantis:  From Mediterranean to Mesopotamia.

“How to service me.”
            Her will rose to the surface, wanting to do something violent to this man to protect her freedom, but she forced her docile expression to stay fixed.  “I am a seeress of my people, not a whore, Yemeni, although I know there are followers of this army who are very well versed in the art of servicing men of your tastes.”  She wanted to suggest he summon one of them, but held her tongue.  The violence in his expression spiked and she was treated to another slap across the face, opening up her lip.  She tasted her own blood, but didn’t wipe it from her face as she looked up at him with childlike hurt in her expression. 
            “None of them look as fresh and rare as you, woman,” he said, his voice dripping with contentment with the blood on her face. 
            She bowed her head feigning her acceptance of her fate.  “Will I be yours alone or shared by all the men?” she asked in a meek voice.
            Yemeni looked at the men who brought her in and ordered them out to guard the entrance to the tent.  Inwardly she grinned in triumphant.  He came closer to her and grabbed her hair to pull her up.  The pain that lanced through her skull was intense and caused her muscles to clench and try to curl away only to cause her more pain in her neck and shoulders as he nearly dragged her to a pallet with cushions adorning it.  He threw her on the cushions and began to peel off his robes.  She sent a quick inner probe to ensure her child was safe, then rose to her knees and grinned at him. 
            Yemeni paused in removing his breeches at her strange smile.  She curled a beckoning finger to him.  Surprised, he moved closer and she put her hands on his thighs, ignoring the throbbing member jutting up at her from his breeches that still required removal.  Her blue eyes bore into his.  Suddenly, he collapsed beside her.  Sighing, she rubbed her head at the ache and felt new warmth on her upper lip.  Swiping at her nose, she discovered by the red smear on her wrist that blood was dripping from it.  She sighed.  Too much power use for her body.  She will be helpless soon.  She ripped Yemeni’s robes into strips and bound him.  After ensuring his bonds were sufficient, she touched his temples and infiltrated his mind, trying to find something good to work from. 

 Chapter 14

Ashur was in no condition to give commands.  No nightly attack would happen.  No one wished to risk harming Nimuan while she was in the enemy camp and Ashur was coaxed away from the front line by his mother in the early morning hours.  She took him home and managed to get him to sit on his pallet in his room.  She fixed him some tea and brought it to him, startled to find him in the exact place and position she left him in.   Light was beginning to brighten the sky as she knelt before him and cupped a hand to the cup she handed him that steamed.  His grip took the stone cup, but he simply held it. 

Now for the seven nominees.  So many have already received this wonderfully fun award, so it will be a difficult choice.

1. Rose Pressey
2. Angela Wallace
3. Amaleen Ison
4.  Kait Nolan
5.  Michelle Krys
6.  Jackie Miller
7.  M.E. Franco

If it seems random, it was.  I tried to go through my Twitter follower list and looked at a bunch of you to see if you have 1) a blog and 2) not received this award yet.  I'm looking forward to seeing what those lucky 7 have for their WIP excerpts.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Movie Scenes - Fun stuff

Movie Scenes - Fun Stuff

Ever have a movie you can watch over and over again and laugh at the same scene each time?  The sad truth with me is that I enjoy watching movies multiple times and there are some that one particular scene will always get me to laugh.  Here are the top five I would recommend.

1.  The Tenth Kingdom (Miniseries, instead of Movie): 

The scene is when a character from New York in this realm of fairy tales is trying to find the correct door to get to the main ballroom and save the guests who are going to be fed a death potion by the evil queen.  There is a frog in this room with two doors.  The frog said that one door will lead to a horrible death while the other will lead to where they need to go.  The frog warns that he will tell them which door, but will always lie.  The New Yorker grabs the frog, shaking him.  You can hear the frog say, "Don't tough me there.  Only my wife can touch me there."  The New Yorker starts hollering at the frog about how ridiculous it is to have a door that leads to a horrible death.  He takes the frog to a door, opens it and throws the frog in, who is swallowed up by fire.  That was probably a much faster way to find the correct door than deal with a frog speaking in riddles.

2.  Galaxy Quest: 
There is a scene where Tim Allen's character is stuck on the planet and wakes up to a pig-lizard snorting at him.  He thinks it's his foe and is trying to fight the creature off while talking on the communicator.  His friends suggest he get digitized back to the ship but they need to test it first.  They digitize the pig-lizard first and the creature is inside out when it shows up on the ship.  "Commander Taggart" wants to know why everyone screamed and "Lt. Madison" (played by Sigourney Weaver) tries to blow it off as nothing and the alien says, "But the animal is inside out" in a deadpan voice and a smile on his face.  They are trying to work out what to do when the creature blew up.  The alien said, "And it exploded" in the same deadpan voice with a goofy smile. 
3.  The Pacifier:
I love this movie.  You get to see a buff man wearing a baby Bjorn slung around him, taking on the challenge of a poopy diaper, and being teased about the size of his "boobs" by a bunch of girl scouts.  There is a scene where Vin Diesel is talking with the mother of the children he will be watching over when the pet duck comes up from the side and bites his ear.  I bust up every time I see it.
4.  Oscar:

What is more funny than a crooked mobster trying to go straight?  Sylvester Stallone trying to be a crooked mobster trying to go straight and unable to find the correct black bag.  There were three black bags in this movie: one with $50,000 in jewels; another with $50,000 in cash; and a third with women's underwear.  Every time "Snaps" Provolone (hey, one of my favorite cheeses) tries to bribe someone with $50,000 he ends up offering women's underwear.  Those scenes always elicit a laugh out of me.

5.  Last, but not least, The Princess Bride:

This one is the hardest because it happens to be my all-time favorite movie.  There are so many places where I just crack up every time (we're talking in the hundreds of times here) I watch it.  It just keeps getting better, every time I see it!  But how do you chose from the scenes that are funny?  There is the rhyming scenes between Inigo and Fezzik.  I always laugh when Fezzik says, "Anybody want a peanut?"  Then, there is the scene with Miracle Max.  I do a fair impression of Valerie, his wife.  "Liar!  Liiiiiaaaarrr!!"  And, of course, the battle scene where Fezzik has to put poor Westley's arms in a suit of armor to hold him up while he goes to push a door open for Inigo.  If you haven't seen this yet, I apologize for all the spoilers.  So, now that I have named three scenes, I have come to the conclusion on this one.

What's your favorite funny movie scene?

For my next post, come back just before Easter for a little religious education on its meaning what other religions share with Easter.

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 12, 2012

What's so Fun about Music?

To the Muse Euterpe
Those of you following me on Twitter or Facebook will have noticed that I have been on a treadmill regime.  The Muse of Euterpe is the Muse of Song.  I'm going to list the songs in my playlist that keep me motivated and give you some thoughts about each as to why I selected it.

The Playlist on my Cloud Player is called "Move it Move it":

1.  Funkytown by Lipps, Inc.  (For some reason this is on every Just Dance game we have at home for the Wii and it has just the right sound to keep me going.) 

2.  Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.  (Ok, just more motivational dance-like music here.)

3.  Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega (I know it sounds like a strange choice, but it's like Swing music to me and I adore Swing music.  Has nothing to do with the sexism. Nada.)

4.  Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katy Perry (Don't be so surprised.  This one cracks me up.  You'll find a lot of Katy Perry in this list.)

5.  Firework by Katy Perry (See!  I told you!  This was another one I took from our Wii Just Dance game.)

6.  Brick House by Commodores (It's from the Muppets, and I adore the Muppets.  Specifically its from "Muppets in Space".  "She's mighty, mighty; letting it all hang out" says it all.)

7.  Hot N Cold by Katy Perry (I imagine she's talking to a guy in this one, which makes me think I would love to say this to a few men in my past too; plus another steal from Wii game.)

8.  Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry (I am!  Can't you tell by my list so far?)

9.  Dynamite by Taio Cruz (I'm celebrating my life by working off my butt on the treadmill, duh!)

10.  Closer by Nine Inch Nails (Ok, it's just  raw and sexy as hell, ok?  Wild, passionate, crazy and I love to slow my pace to it.)

11.  I Like to Move It from Madagascar (I picture that goofy lemur dancing around, that's why!  I try channeling the crazy creature into my limbs to keep moving, moving.)

12.  Pump up the Jam by Technotronic ("Make my day, make my day!"  Good music to walk to. ~shrug~  I know, nothing funny about that.)

13.  Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (This happens to be one of my twin's favorite from the Wii.  It also makes me feel like the sweat is worth it.  If you check out my profile here, you'll see I adore tigers, especially white ones.)

14.  Hips Don't Lie by Shakira (Because by the time this one begins playing my hips are screaming!)

15.  Baby Boy by Beyonce (To go with the yummy photo on the left that I have printed and sitting on my treadmill to remind me of a good reason to keep going.) 
16.  I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred (Ok, this sounds crazy, but I like this one because I am imagining Vin Diesel strutting his stuff down a catwalk to this song.  Love yah, Vin!  ~wolf whistles~  Shake that boo-tay!)

17.  American Idiot by Green Day (Good angry music.  Sometimes it takes getting anger or laughter to keep you moving.  Ok, to keep me moving!  Picky, picky PC language.  ~huff~)

18.  Enter Sandman by Metallica (Because every workout playlist should have Metallica?)
19.  Jump in Line by The Hit Crew (I've been crazy about this one since hearing it on Beetlejuice.  But, it would totally freak me out if I just rose up in the air like Winona Ryder while listening to it.)
20.  Rock your Body by Justin Timberlake (~facepalm~  You would think I wouldn't want a reminder of the 2004 Super Bowl, but I try to think about how I am rocking my body so it will look good enough for pasties?  ~blinks~  Did I just type that?  That is so not me.  Who was typing that?  Cat! Don't act so innocent in that bag.  I know what you were doing when I was putting the laundry in the dryer.)

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Humor

Last Monday, February 27th marked my 37th birthday.  And above is a photo of me as a baby.  Aw, ain't I cute?

I'm going to step to the side of my current course of my journey to get into a part of myself I absolutely love - my sense of humor.  March is then going to mark "Laughs via Sia".  You can laugh with me or at me, I don't mind.  I love an audience when I start getting into the "goof" mode.

Something that really gave me a laugh on my birthday was some of the cards I received. 

The one from my niece and nephew read, "Happy Birthday to a special aunt who is one in a...
Bajillion, gazillion.

I'd go on, but that's as high as I can count!"

Can you believe they can count that high?  One just turned eight and the other just turned five.  They are just so smart!  What are they putting in McDonald's fries nowadays!?!

Then the one from my sister read, "Happy Birthday, Sis (inside of a ballon held by a cat that looks suspiciously like my cat, Custard).  You know growing up with you sure had a big effect on me...:

Inside:  The cat's fur is all puffed up, its teeth are showing in a big grin with its tongue sticking out and a "finger" on the front tooth.  "But don't worry - my therapist says I'm improving every day..."

I loved it!  My grandfather's card was even more snort worthy (that's pretty major if you can get me to laugh until I snort).  Unfortunately, I can't give you all the details on it since the card isn't here in my home, but I can say it was about nuts in the family and a squirrel proudly showing off his.  O.o  Ok, I know some of you just had your brain in the gutter.  Get it back out and wash it off, it had a wallet with fold-out photos coming out like an accordion showing all his squirrelly family members in various poses.  My grandfather is 84!  Anything suggestive would send him into a heart attack, people.  Not to mention he's the most prudish man I have ever met.

Then, of course, there was the walk down memory lane as I hunted down photos to send some a very special someone for her upcoming birthday.  Here's a treat to my readers:
Look, I was a nerd!  I played clarinet in high school marching band.  Don't our antiquated uniforms suck?  I swear those were from the 70's, maybe the 60's.  All wool and not fun to wear at all in the summer.

Then there was the bonus find of my first book ever!  "The Weird Weeks" was the title.  I think I was in the fifth grade.  Had my sister cracking up to read it.  I just read it; there was no point to it.  Somehow, considering the type of child I was, I think that was the point.

Ok, going to wrap this up.  Next post expect around St. Paddy's day!

Happy Reading!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Musing on Muses - Melpomene

A Tragedy: Ode to Melpomene and her sisters the Moirae

I had a problem and took it to the Fates.
Clotho, the spinner, I addressed first.  “I wish to change my life,” I said.
Clotho, the youngest, smiled at me and said, "Go to my sister, Lachesis.  I weave your life into being, but she picks your lot in life."
I turned to Lachesis, the middle-aged, to request, "I wish to change my lot in life."
"Your lot is now set and entangled with the lives you affect.”
So, I turned to her sister, Atropos, the eldest and asked, "Can you change my life?"
She turned her rheumy eyes toward mine and croaked, "The change I bring will end your life and you are young, yet. Disentangle your life and live it."
I turned to leave them, unhappy. But, Clotho spoke again. "Why do you wish for this?"
I turned and watched her spin.  "I suffer."
Lachesis laughed.  She plucked up a beautiful string and held it out to me.  The colors of the ocean made up the strand, but the weave was broken and entangled with colors that did not match it.  "You sought colors that didn't suit yours. It is no wonder."
"I thought you controlled my lot," I said.
"No, the gods decreed your free will," she answered. "I choose how much string you shall have."
I lifted the string to my face and studied its twists and breaks.  Suddenly, I saw the design it should have.  I saw my own mistakes.
Then a greater design had lain over my sight and it showed me a beautiful tapestry.  I saw what I should have done and what I should have been.
"She sees," croaked old Atropos as she readied her sharp shears.  Snick went the shears as they sliced through the string.
Down I went, my face stained with tears.  The tears flowed into the wrinkles that had marked my face with age. I had waited too long to turn the page.