Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Humor

Last Monday, February 27th marked my 37th birthday.  And above is a photo of me as a baby.  Aw, ain't I cute?

I'm going to step to the side of my current course of my journey to get into a part of myself I absolutely love - my sense of humor.  March is then going to mark "Laughs via Sia".  You can laugh with me or at me, I don't mind.  I love an audience when I start getting into the "goof" mode.

Something that really gave me a laugh on my birthday was some of the cards I received. 

The one from my niece and nephew read, "Happy Birthday to a special aunt who is one in a...
Bajillion, gazillion.

I'd go on, but that's as high as I can count!"

Can you believe they can count that high?  One just turned eight and the other just turned five.  They are just so smart!  What are they putting in McDonald's fries nowadays!?!

Then the one from my sister read, "Happy Birthday, Sis (inside of a ballon held by a cat that looks suspiciously like my cat, Custard).  You know growing up with you sure had a big effect on me...:

Inside:  The cat's fur is all puffed up, its teeth are showing in a big grin with its tongue sticking out and a "finger" on the front tooth.  "But don't worry - my therapist says I'm improving every day..."

I loved it!  My grandfather's card was even more snort worthy (that's pretty major if you can get me to laugh until I snort).  Unfortunately, I can't give you all the details on it since the card isn't here in my home, but I can say it was about nuts in the family and a squirrel proudly showing off his.  O.o  Ok, I know some of you just had your brain in the gutter.  Get it back out and wash it off, it had a wallet with fold-out photos coming out like an accordion showing all his squirrelly family members in various poses.  My grandfather is 84!  Anything suggestive would send him into a heart attack, people.  Not to mention he's the most prudish man I have ever met.

Then, of course, there was the walk down memory lane as I hunted down photos to send some a very special someone for her upcoming birthday.  Here's a treat to my readers:
Look, I was a nerd!  I played clarinet in high school marching band.  Don't our antiquated uniforms suck?  I swear those were from the 70's, maybe the 60's.  All wool and not fun to wear at all in the summer.

Then there was the bonus find of my first book ever!  "The Weird Weeks" was the title.  I think I was in the fifth grade.  Had my sister cracking up to read it.  I just read it; there was no point to it.  Somehow, considering the type of child I was, I think that was the point.

Ok, going to wrap this up.  Next post expect around St. Paddy's day!

Happy Reading!


Diana Murdock said...

Way to open yourself up to the world, Sis! I'd have to say, the band uniform is stunning! ~snicker~ Seriously ... okay I can't be serious. You are really a goof and I do really love the picture you sent me! I'm glad you had a super birthday, C! And I adore your sense of humor - always have, since the day we met. Hugs to you, C!

James Garcia Jr. said...

Happy belated birthday to you! My oldest son has been in band all four years and he has commented about how hot those uniforms can get. I will turn 43 this month. My present to you is the fact that I will forever be older than you.
I hope you like it.