Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Movie Scenes - Fun stuff

Movie Scenes - Fun Stuff

Ever have a movie you can watch over and over again and laugh at the same scene each time?  The sad truth with me is that I enjoy watching movies multiple times and there are some that one particular scene will always get me to laugh.  Here are the top five I would recommend.

1.  The Tenth Kingdom (Miniseries, instead of Movie): 

The scene is when a character from New York in this realm of fairy tales is trying to find the correct door to get to the main ballroom and save the guests who are going to be fed a death potion by the evil queen.  There is a frog in this room with two doors.  The frog said that one door will lead to a horrible death while the other will lead to where they need to go.  The frog warns that he will tell them which door, but will always lie.  The New Yorker grabs the frog, shaking him.  You can hear the frog say, "Don't tough me there.  Only my wife can touch me there."  The New Yorker starts hollering at the frog about how ridiculous it is to have a door that leads to a horrible death.  He takes the frog to a door, opens it and throws the frog in, who is swallowed up by fire.  That was probably a much faster way to find the correct door than deal with a frog speaking in riddles.

2.  Galaxy Quest: 
There is a scene where Tim Allen's character is stuck on the planet and wakes up to a pig-lizard snorting at him.  He thinks it's his foe and is trying to fight the creature off while talking on the communicator.  His friends suggest he get digitized back to the ship but they need to test it first.  They digitize the pig-lizard first and the creature is inside out when it shows up on the ship.  "Commander Taggart" wants to know why everyone screamed and "Lt. Madison" (played by Sigourney Weaver) tries to blow it off as nothing and the alien says, "But the animal is inside out" in a deadpan voice and a smile on his face.  They are trying to work out what to do when the creature blew up.  The alien said, "And it exploded" in the same deadpan voice with a goofy smile. 
3.  The Pacifier:
I love this movie.  You get to see a buff man wearing a baby Bjorn slung around him, taking on the challenge of a poopy diaper, and being teased about the size of his "boobs" by a bunch of girl scouts.  There is a scene where Vin Diesel is talking with the mother of the children he will be watching over when the pet duck comes up from the side and bites his ear.  I bust up every time I see it.
4.  Oscar:

What is more funny than a crooked mobster trying to go straight?  Sylvester Stallone trying to be a crooked mobster trying to go straight and unable to find the correct black bag.  There were three black bags in this movie: one with $50,000 in jewels; another with $50,000 in cash; and a third with women's underwear.  Every time "Snaps" Provolone (hey, one of my favorite cheeses) tries to bribe someone with $50,000 he ends up offering women's underwear.  Those scenes always elicit a laugh out of me.

5.  Last, but not least, The Princess Bride:

This one is the hardest because it happens to be my all-time favorite movie.  There are so many places where I just crack up every time (we're talking in the hundreds of times here) I watch it.  It just keeps getting better, every time I see it!  But how do you chose from the scenes that are funny?  There is the rhyming scenes between Inigo and Fezzik.  I always laugh when Fezzik says, "Anybody want a peanut?"  Then, there is the scene with Miracle Max.  I do a fair impression of Valerie, his wife.  "Liar!  Liiiiiaaaarrr!!"  And, of course, the battle scene where Fezzik has to put poor Westley's arms in a suit of armor to hold him up while he goes to push a door open for Inigo.  If you haven't seen this yet, I apologize for all the spoilers.  So, now that I have named three scenes, I have come to the conclusion on this one.

What's your favorite funny movie scene?

For my next post, come back just before Easter for a little religious education on its meaning what other religions share with Easter.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

What's so Fun about Music?

To the Muse Euterpe
Those of you following me on Twitter or Facebook will have noticed that I have been on a treadmill regime.  The Muse of Euterpe is the Muse of Song.  I'm going to list the songs in my playlist that keep me motivated and give you some thoughts about each as to why I selected it.

The Playlist on my Cloud Player is called "Move it Move it":

1.  Funkytown by Lipps, Inc.  (For some reason this is on every Just Dance game we have at home for the Wii and it has just the right sound to keep me going.) 

2.  Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.  (Ok, just more motivational dance-like music here.)

3.  Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega (I know it sounds like a strange choice, but it's like Swing music to me and I adore Swing music.  Has nothing to do with the sexism. Nada.)

4.  Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katy Perry (Don't be so surprised.  This one cracks me up.  You'll find a lot of Katy Perry in this list.)

5.  Firework by Katy Perry (See!  I told you!  This was another one I took from our Wii Just Dance game.)

6.  Brick House by Commodores (It's from the Muppets, and I adore the Muppets.  Specifically its from "Muppets in Space".  "She's mighty, mighty; letting it all hang out" says it all.)

7.  Hot N Cold by Katy Perry (I imagine she's talking to a guy in this one, which makes me think I would love to say this to a few men in my past too; plus another steal from Wii game.)

8.  Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry (I am!  Can't you tell by my list so far?)

9.  Dynamite by Taio Cruz (I'm celebrating my life by working off my butt on the treadmill, duh!)

10.  Closer by Nine Inch Nails (Ok, it's just  raw and sexy as hell, ok?  Wild, passionate, crazy and I love to slow my pace to it.)

11.  I Like to Move It from Madagascar (I picture that goofy lemur dancing around, that's why!  I try channeling the crazy creature into my limbs to keep moving, moving.)

12.  Pump up the Jam by Technotronic ("Make my day, make my day!"  Good music to walk to. ~shrug~  I know, nothing funny about that.)

13.  Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (This happens to be one of my twin's favorite from the Wii.  It also makes me feel like the sweat is worth it.  If you check out my profile here, you'll see I adore tigers, especially white ones.)

14.  Hips Don't Lie by Shakira (Because by the time this one begins playing my hips are screaming!)

15.  Baby Boy by Beyonce (To go with the yummy photo on the left that I have printed and sitting on my treadmill to remind me of a good reason to keep going.) 
16.  I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred (Ok, this sounds crazy, but I like this one because I am imagining Vin Diesel strutting his stuff down a catwalk to this song.  Love yah, Vin!  ~wolf whistles~  Shake that boo-tay!)

17.  American Idiot by Green Day (Good angry music.  Sometimes it takes getting anger or laughter to keep you moving.  Ok, to keep me moving!  Picky, picky PC language.  ~huff~)

18.  Enter Sandman by Metallica (Because every workout playlist should have Metallica?)
19.  Jump in Line by The Hit Crew (I've been crazy about this one since hearing it on Beetlejuice.  But, it would totally freak me out if I just rose up in the air like Winona Ryder while listening to it.)
20.  Rock your Body by Justin Timberlake (~facepalm~  You would think I wouldn't want a reminder of the 2004 Super Bowl, but I try to think about how I am rocking my body so it will look good enough for pasties?  ~blinks~  Did I just type that?  That is so not me.  Who was typing that?  Cat! Don't act so innocent in that bag.  I know what you were doing when I was putting the laundry in the dryer.)

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Humor

Last Monday, February 27th marked my 37th birthday.  And above is a photo of me as a baby.  Aw, ain't I cute?

I'm going to step to the side of my current course of my journey to get into a part of myself I absolutely love - my sense of humor.  March is then going to mark "Laughs via Sia".  You can laugh with me or at me, I don't mind.  I love an audience when I start getting into the "goof" mode.

Something that really gave me a laugh on my birthday was some of the cards I received. 

The one from my niece and nephew read, "Happy Birthday to a special aunt who is one in a...
Bajillion, gazillion.

I'd go on, but that's as high as I can count!"

Can you believe they can count that high?  One just turned eight and the other just turned five.  They are just so smart!  What are they putting in McDonald's fries nowadays!?!

Then the one from my sister read, "Happy Birthday, Sis (inside of a ballon held by a cat that looks suspiciously like my cat, Custard).  You know growing up with you sure had a big effect on me...:

Inside:  The cat's fur is all puffed up, its teeth are showing in a big grin with its tongue sticking out and a "finger" on the front tooth.  "But don't worry - my therapist says I'm improving every day..."

I loved it!  My grandfather's card was even more snort worthy (that's pretty major if you can get me to laugh until I snort).  Unfortunately, I can't give you all the details on it since the card isn't here in my home, but I can say it was about nuts in the family and a squirrel proudly showing off his.  O.o  Ok, I know some of you just had your brain in the gutter.  Get it back out and wash it off, it had a wallet with fold-out photos coming out like an accordion showing all his squirrelly family members in various poses.  My grandfather is 84!  Anything suggestive would send him into a heart attack, people.  Not to mention he's the most prudish man I have ever met.

Then, of course, there was the walk down memory lane as I hunted down photos to send some a very special someone for her upcoming birthday.  Here's a treat to my readers:
Look, I was a nerd!  I played clarinet in high school marching band.  Don't our antiquated uniforms suck?  I swear those were from the 70's, maybe the 60's.  All wool and not fun to wear at all in the summer.

Then there was the bonus find of my first book ever!  "The Weird Weeks" was the title.  I think I was in the fifth grade.  Had my sister cracking up to read it.  I just read it; there was no point to it.  Somehow, considering the type of child I was, I think that was the point.

Ok, going to wrap this up.  Next post expect around St. Paddy's day!

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