Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Movie Scenes - Fun stuff

Movie Scenes - Fun Stuff

Ever have a movie you can watch over and over again and laugh at the same scene each time?  The sad truth with me is that I enjoy watching movies multiple times and there are some that one particular scene will always get me to laugh.  Here are the top five I would recommend.

1.  The Tenth Kingdom (Miniseries, instead of Movie): 

The scene is when a character from New York in this realm of fairy tales is trying to find the correct door to get to the main ballroom and save the guests who are going to be fed a death potion by the evil queen.  There is a frog in this room with two doors.  The frog said that one door will lead to a horrible death while the other will lead to where they need to go.  The frog warns that he will tell them which door, but will always lie.  The New Yorker grabs the frog, shaking him.  You can hear the frog say, "Don't tough me there.  Only my wife can touch me there."  The New Yorker starts hollering at the frog about how ridiculous it is to have a door that leads to a horrible death.  He takes the frog to a door, opens it and throws the frog in, who is swallowed up by fire.  That was probably a much faster way to find the correct door than deal with a frog speaking in riddles.

2.  Galaxy Quest: 
There is a scene where Tim Allen's character is stuck on the planet and wakes up to a pig-lizard snorting at him.  He thinks it's his foe and is trying to fight the creature off while talking on the communicator.  His friends suggest he get digitized back to the ship but they need to test it first.  They digitize the pig-lizard first and the creature is inside out when it shows up on the ship.  "Commander Taggart" wants to know why everyone screamed and "Lt. Madison" (played by Sigourney Weaver) tries to blow it off as nothing and the alien says, "But the animal is inside out" in a deadpan voice and a smile on his face.  They are trying to work out what to do when the creature blew up.  The alien said, "And it exploded" in the same deadpan voice with a goofy smile. 
3.  The Pacifier:
I love this movie.  You get to see a buff man wearing a baby Bjorn slung around him, taking on the challenge of a poopy diaper, and being teased about the size of his "boobs" by a bunch of girl scouts.  There is a scene where Vin Diesel is talking with the mother of the children he will be watching over when the pet duck comes up from the side and bites his ear.  I bust up every time I see it.
4.  Oscar:

What is more funny than a crooked mobster trying to go straight?  Sylvester Stallone trying to be a crooked mobster trying to go straight and unable to find the correct black bag.  There were three black bags in this movie: one with $50,000 in jewels; another with $50,000 in cash; and a third with women's underwear.  Every time "Snaps" Provolone (hey, one of my favorite cheeses) tries to bribe someone with $50,000 he ends up offering women's underwear.  Those scenes always elicit a laugh out of me.

5.  Last, but not least, The Princess Bride:

This one is the hardest because it happens to be my all-time favorite movie.  There are so many places where I just crack up every time (we're talking in the hundreds of times here) I watch it.  It just keeps getting better, every time I see it!  But how do you chose from the scenes that are funny?  There is the rhyming scenes between Inigo and Fezzik.  I always laugh when Fezzik says, "Anybody want a peanut?"  Then, there is the scene with Miracle Max.  I do a fair impression of Valerie, his wife.  "Liar!  Liiiiiaaaarrr!!"  And, of course, the battle scene where Fezzik has to put poor Westley's arms in a suit of armor to hold him up while he goes to push a door open for Inigo.  If you haven't seen this yet, I apologize for all the spoilers.  So, now that I have named three scenes, I have come to the conclusion on this one.

What's your favorite funny movie scene?

For my next post, come back just before Easter for a little religious education on its meaning what other religions share with Easter.

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James Garcia Jr. said...

Wait! You want me to name my favorite funny movie scene!?! Inconceivable!
I watch so many movies, and many of them over and over again, that there is no way I could give you my favorites. I would have to take a weekend to build that list! Great post though. I can talk movies and music all day. By the way, we love The Princess Bride at my house as well.
See you tomorrow for #FF.


Sia said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the last two posts! Thanks for stopping by. The Princess Bride is very popular. I watch movies over and over too, so I know how hard that can be. It took me a week to figure out which ones to mention. I had to keep myself limited to five, too.