Monday, July 9, 2012

Unfinished Work

Hello, Sia followers!

Did you ever have way too many irons in the fire.  Having a yard for the first time to work with has given me way too many projects to do outside.  I managed to finish using Mold Armour to get the disgusting green mold off the outside of my house and it's a beautiful baby blue again (I didn't put the mold there in the first place; that was the previous owner).  I got rid of that awful pile of wood and I even have a deck, table, and grill set up.  I still need to get a photo of my new shed too.  Still haven't used it - need some tidying up first - but it will really improve the state of my yard.  Then, there's my most recent addition to the yard - an unfinished tree bench.  I would have had this done back in June, but the screws kept acting stripped and pulling apart as soon as you finish a section.  Then between long hours at work and the heat wave/drought we've been having, I've been trying to stay in the A/C to keep cool and hydrated.  So, it remains unfinished. 
Another unfinished project is the raised bed I was supposed to have gotten put together last summer to start a garden in.  I had these big plans to start with one raised bed and put chicken wire around it for a place for the sugar snap peas and green beans to grow.  And, if it was successful, I was hoping to add another each summer until I am able to have enough produce over the summer and some to freeze and can.  Well, that hasn't happened either.  Which, considering the drought, might be a good thing.
Some people believe one of the reasons why spirits still walk this earth is because of unfinished business here.  I really hope my unfinished yard work doesn't become my unfinished business - roaming my yard and wailing about the work to still be done.  Oh, wait....  Did that last week.  Ok, moving on. 
So, yes, I believe in ghosts.  I've been on ghost hunts and have been slowly collecting all the equipment I would need to help in measure activity.  I have an EMF detector, my phone has an application that supposedly picks up voices, and I have dousing rods.  I even took a class and have a signed certificate saying I have completed a ghost-hunting course that included hands on experience.
Recently I have practically become a specter to my Twitter and Facebook friends and family.  I've been so wrapped up in doing anything but go on the computer and finish the draft of my first Atlantean book that I am sure you all have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to.  Well, I was afraid.  Honestly afraid of finishing the first draft.  I was afraid to get the book out there to be criticized and found lacking.  I was afraid of editing - because I felt like I would be cutting up something I poured so much of myself and my life into.  I was afraid of costs to get a hard copy to beta readers.  I had found just about anything and everything to be afraid of.  But, I should have been afraid of never finishing.
Needless to say, the draft is done and now I am in the process of brainstorming cover ideas to give myself a wee break before I dive into editing.  Anything keeping you from finishing your life's work?
Happy Reading!


James Garcia Jr. said...

Ghosts, huh? Have you met my pal Maria Zannini? She talks of having seen ghosts many times...without the expensive gear. Yikes! I like my ghosts on the printed page or film, but that's it.
My dear friend, I'm glad to see that you persevered and got through it. The only thing we should fear is regret. And, yes, I had wondered where you had disappeared to. I'm glad to see it was only temporary.


Sia said...

No, haven't met Maria, but if she lives somewhere with scorpions, I'm not visiting for some time. I've seen ghosts without the gear too, but I like having the gear on hand to record what I am seeing, hearing and feeling.

You're right. I don't want to regret not having lived my dream.