Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Never-ending Triathlon of Life

Ever feel like you're juggling too much?  That could be the reason why you haven't heard from me since July.  Since the draft of my paranormal romance was completed and I found beta readers to assist in critiquing it, I've been juggling that with work and the kids heading back to school.  I even managed to work a bit in the back yard and started working on weight loss (have to look good for that author's page and all the websites that will be going up as a result; please see the new badge on my blog).

So, add all that up, sprinkle in some major cleaning activities, fair trips, four new goldfish to take care of, birthday parties, vacation bible school, and very little me time and you have one tired out writer mama who dropped the ball on her blog followers.  I would apologize, but I'm sure many of you have had the same things happen in your life.  So my apology will come in the form of a follow up.

As a follow up to the last post, I have to say that two out of five beta readers have given me their input on the book; very favorable responses both of them.  I've been editing the draft and am up to the middle of the book so far.  I've added in two chapters and a prologue so far along with the editing.  I'm having a slight problem with formatting, which I am going to try to hold off on fixing until I'm done with the editing.  Once I'm done with editing and formatting, I will have to find an editor.  Anybody know anyone reasonably priced?  

After the editing, I'm hoping to snag a few ARC readers to do a preliminary read and review on the book before I actually publish.  My goal is to have all this done to have a release date between December 1st and 15th.  ~knock on wood~  Anyone have a spare four-leaved clover?  I may need to borrow a silver horseshoe for the front door, too.  People have those laying around, right?  

Until next time....

Happy reading!


Diana Murdock said...

Keep at it, Sis! Baby steps is all I can say. You'll stay as sane as anyone in your shoes can be. I'll see if I can round up some editor names for you. I can't wait to read your story!

James Garcia Jr. said...

Hey, 'Sia. I agree with Diana about those baby steps. We do way too much, and it won't help anyone if we run ourselves into an early grave or padded cell.
Hang in there!