Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hurray for the Vacay!
I know you probably can't understand the excitement I am feeling right now.  But, imagine you haven't gone on a true vacation for the last sixteen years and the other times you've "been somewhere" it was coupled with a major move or more involved with children than yourself.  I adore my kids - don't get me wrong - but often those trips are close to home and more work than play - as many of you parents are perfectly aware of.
So, here I am, on the precipice of this vacation that was nearly twenty years in coming.  The idea occurred to me that I have been in so many of the states, but haven't been to this one and I know a couple of wonderfully talented authors who live there - one of which I will be meeting for the first time!!
So, I plan to take notes of every day I'm there and will post a blog each week afterwards to describe the day.  Did that make sense?  Each week, I'll describe one day of my vacation.  I'll get into details of where we went, who we saw, what we saw, and how much we paid.  Why not.  Usually when you go on vacation, it's the great money-spender of the year aside from Christmas, but I'm determined to have fun without digging too deeply into my pockets.  I've been putting the research in, so soon it will be time to see if it "pays off." 
Keeping my phone on and out for photos that I will post within the blog posts and ready to have a memorable time!  Warning:  Phone does not take the best of photos, so here's hoping they will be totally worthless.
Happy Reading!

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Diana Murdock said...

Yay!!! And that "one author" will be me! Can't wait to finally meet you, girl!