Thursday, March 15, 2007


Upon opening the door, you see a furnished room with a fireplace on the far wall. In front of the fireplace are two wing-backed leather chairs. Their color is a rich dark chocolate. You approach the fire and there is a heavily pregnant woman with dark blonde hair sitting in the chair to your left. Her hands are folded over her enlarged belly and her eyes are closed with a peaceful smile on her face.

"Welcome to my little corner of the web," she says and smiles up at you. You notice her eyes are blue with a light splash of gray and a steel blue giving her irises a bold outline. "I suppose you are wondering why you are here."

She waves a hand to the chair on your right. "Please, have a seat and make yourself comfortable."

As you sit, she shifts into a more comfortable position. "You find yourself here through curiousity and unseen forces. I've asked the powers that be to find me people to critique my writing so that I may improve on these skills and begin to understand my audiences better.

"You see, I intend to put articles on this site. Some of my works will be articles I wrote for college courses, some current editorials on recent events, and some will be works of fiction that are in progress. I hope to gain useful feedback on all my writings. Such feedback I'm looking for is the type of audience they seem to be addressing, grammatical inaccuracies, and personal response."

She turns to look at you with a hopeful smile. "Does this sound like an interesting adventure you would like to participate in?"

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Sia said...

Ok, that was four years ago when I was heavily pregnant. ~LOL~ I'm not so big now.