Monday, June 24, 2013


In a word…discouraged

Well, exactly what I thought would happen did directly after my editor looked over and marked up my novel.  I lost my desire to write more.  I think about all the time I put in just to feel like it’s not good or good enough for public consumption.  Seeing all the blocks, all the nit-picking details requested, all the sections being written out and the sections requiring rewrite has effectively put a stop to my writing.  If you have noticed, I haven’t blogged, I haven’t gone on Twitter, I haven’t pulled up any of my drafts to work on….  It just wasn't worth seeing all the red anymore.  I haven’t even been reading and seeking new inspiration.  And at the same time the world seems to be taking on black and white dimensions instead of the full color brilliance I am so used to.

I need to write, though.  Even as discouraged as I am, I know in my heart and deep in my marrow that this is what I must do in order to feel complete.  Has anyone felt this discouraged and off course before?  Have you found your way back?

I could use a few pointers….

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Anonymous said...

All the red marks... do they resonate with you? Hugs, Sis. Tell me tonight. xxoo