Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a Tuesday Update

It has been some time since my last blog. I apologize for anyone reading and waiting. I've been busy trying to be diligent in my writing. I'm trying to get at least two pages written (yes, I'm still using the old fashion paper and pen method) every day. Part of the reason this is so time consuming is because I have been writing my first intimate scene. I've had to stop and go back to books I loved to read and get to their intimate scenes and see how the author's pulled me in and see how I would have written the scene - a little advice I gathered from reading up on author blogs and pages (Thanks, Gena!). I'm hoping this scene will be intense and not too wordy or repetitive like its sounding so far. Could be the result of spending too much time on it. ;)

Now the story about the photo I selected. When I was living in a trailer park, there was a thunderstorm that was raging outside as I was getting my children ready for bed. I went to the window to see how bad it was looking outside when this little frog suctioned to my window at first startled me. The girls ran over to see what caused me to gasp and we all started laughing. I took several pictures of it, but this one turned out the best. And, no, he's not really that neon green. This photo is one of my experiments with Google Picasa. I narrowed it down to just him where it was a photo of a smaller him in a giant window. Then I played with the colors. It was kind of fun to play around with it. I haven't done that sort of thing since my online roleplaying days. And I'm still not as exceptional at it as many people I roleplayed with in those days. Guess I'll just stick with the written word.

Speaking of diligence, I'm also trying to find time to write an essay for a writing contest. Funds for Writers has an annual writing contest and the theme this year is Diligence. From all the blogs I read up on, it tends to be a common theme. It's also a theme at my day job, and at home its desperately needed to be implemented. Good thing I have until October 31st, but as one author I've been following (Karen Mahoney) blogged, better to give yourself an earlier deadline to make sure you have something on time.

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