Monday, August 29, 2011

Read-A-Thon Overview

Well, here is the tally: 1 full book (Dark Taste of Rapture); the end of "Awaken Me Darkly"; two chapters of "The Word and the Void"; and two chapters of the Sookie Stackhouse book #1.

All things considered, I'm not disappointed. I am a single mother of twins and have a full-time job, so there wasn't much time to spend on books regardless. And I took the twins to the zoo on Saturday which sucked up 3.5 hours at the zoo and 3 hours just driving to and from the zoo.

Now I can settle back and take my time with the rest of the books I have stacked around the house awaiting my attention.

And, I can get back to writing. In a couple of days I will share my thoughts of the muse Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance. I may put in some time on my historical romance rewrite or get back to the intimate scene in my paranormal investigator novel. Only time will tell what I feel like digging into.

I do know my physical activity level for awhile will be low. I currently have a severe case of tennis elbow. I must have just been overdoing the lifting at work and at home, so now I am paying the piper. This is a first for me, so if I'm whining a little too much, don't worry, the next time I get it my comments on it will be abbreviated to a byline.

Happy Monday, Readers!

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