Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Read-A-Thon Update and Musings on Muses Part II

Well, I finished "Awaken Me Darkly" by Gena Showalter on Monday at 9:25pm. I didn't get the Sookie book, but I will have it tomorrow. So I don't lose momentum on this, I picked up a behemoth of a book called "The Word and the Void" by Terry Brooks that I had started. I managed to read a chapter - which took me from page 41 to page 48 of a 600+ page book. I'm beginning to think if I don't stick to the 300-400 page books, I'm not going to get very far at all in this read-a-thon.

Now onto the musings portion: I think I'm being stalked by them. Once the word got out I was writing about them, they're everywhere I turn! Well, I'm exaggerating just a tiny bit, but it still feels a little strange. I have been on a newletter list with Funds for Writers for a couple of years now and suddenly a new e-publishing company was advertising in the latest e-newsletter I received in my inbox. Guess what it was called. Musa Publishing. So, I thought it would be smart to start stalking, er rather, following them since the Muses feel obligated to let me know they are watching me.

Happy Reading!

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