Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Author of Her Word

What do you stand behind 100%?

I can tell you several things that I stand behind 100%. I would gladly, converse, endorse, and promote it. And, if you knew me and talked with me every day, I am sure - at some point - I would be sharing exactly what I felt has done miracles for me.

I caught myself doing exactly that today while at a physical therapy session for tennis/golfer elbow (yes, I have both and don't even play those sports - Yay me). I was telling a young intern about the last time I had to have physical therapy and how effective it was. She seemed impressed and I wondered why she was going into the field. I wish I had the chance to ask. I worked with someone at a theater who was wanting to get into physical therapy because it did wonders for her when her ACL tore in marching band. [Side note: Tearing your ACL in marching bank it quite a feat. I only had blisters and a mean band director to deal with.] But, you could easily tell the reasons she wanted to be a physical therapist was because it did miracles for her and she stood behind it. Speaking of ACL's, a cousin sent this to my Facebook yesterday.

Chiropractic work is another thing I stand behind. I feel like my life was saved through the practice of chiropractics. I had horrible tension headaches that landed me in the ER several times . Chiropractic appointments once a month keep them at bay and my quality of life has been better ever since. I even stand fully behind my chiropractor. His methods are more gentle and don't use force against the vertebra. I once went to an appointment where he had a substitute and I felt worse instead of better. They soon learned that I would only take appointments with Dr. Lou and no one else, even if I have to wait 8 weeks instead of my usual four.

There is one thing I wouldn't do: endorse or promote something I have never tried or had no positive results with. As an author, I feel the same about my writing. I want to have a product that sells, but not if I'm uncomfortable with it. I feel like Anne Shirley (You guessed it, a fan of the Anne of Green Gables books) when she said, "I feel like someone took my baby and wrote a baking powder advertisement all over it." Anne wanted a novel published, not win an advertisement contest. While her friend was well-meaning, and Anne gained a lot of attention as a result, it was all a huge disappointment and embarrassment to Anne. If someone took my writings and submitted them for something I didn't believe in or intended the writings for, I may just quit writing altogether - after writing an especially scathing letter to the perpetrator. Well, may be not quit, but definitely write under a pseudonym (which I may do anyways - seems to be the trendy thing to do in the field).

Ok, thoughts processed and downloaded. Now to stand behind another thing I believe in completely - Family. I have a cousin who is a published author. Kudos, my cuz! His name is Patrick Hubbs and you can learn more about him by clicking on his name. It'll take you to a site where he explains his inspiration for his writings: a short story collection called As I Rock Myself to Sleep.

Starting next week I will be paying tribute to Erato, the muse of love poetry. I'm a little off on my timing, you would think I would place her closer to Sweetest Day, but my children will be starting up preschool the week after next and I don't know how often I will be able to post after that.

Happy Reading!


Angela Wallace said...

Hi Sia!

I'm all for chiropractic care as well. And adopting rescue animals. I believe they make the most devoted pets. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you're enjoying Phoenix Feather. =)

Sia said...

Thanks, Angela! I really appreciate having you visit my blog. I cannot wait to finish Phoenix Feather and I'm looking forward to the next book you have on elemental magic. Sounds like it will be another good read. :)