Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That Moment

I finally had it. That moment of clarity I've been waiting for on one of the novels I am working on. I've been agonizing over the paranormal investigator novel because I really didn't have a defined plot yet, just all of these intense scenes flowing out of me onto paper. So, I sat down last night to really focus on character development.

By the time I got to the antagonist, I had an epiphany. The plot just grew out of the antagonist's part of the hero and heroine's lives.

It was an amazing moment for me. It was like I had blinders on all this time and could only see glimpses of a picture up close, then someone pulled me back to see the whole amazing piece of art. I was more in awe that the technique helped than the story itself coming to me. There are still scenes to write and more development to work on, but sitting down and just trying to see how everything connects was a simple, easy task to do in order to have a goal for this novel.

Now to work out an outline and piece the scenes together and write more to fill in the holes.

Note: On Chapter 11 of Phoenix Feather by Angela Wallace and I sum up my impression in the word, Charming.

Happy Reading!


Angela Wallace said...

You gotta love when everything falls into place. *grin* Sometimes I feel like I am just the vessel and the story is going to find a way to be told the way it's meant to be.

Thanks for the awesome compliment. =)

Sia said...

I used to feel that way and I have heard other authors say the same thing. Lately, though, I feel more like I'm creating mini-universes; worlds within worlds that have their own life because I gave it to them. Not like I'm God, but more like I'm a Muse, giving creative inspiration to something that could exist, but needing a little push to "be".