Sunday, October 30, 2011

Screaming Sunday + ROW 80 Update

Keeping to the theme, and in honor of the previous posts, I am dubbing this Screaming Sunday (being the Sunday before Halloween).   And like screams, I'll try to keep it short and...well, just short.

I'm just going to dedicate this post to all the different kinds of screams.

At the fair, I scream in delight with my kids as we twirl in circles and get pushed by the gravitation within the Tilt-A-Whirl ride against our seats.

In my books, my characters scream in the throes of passion.

My grandmother screams in fear when she sees a spider.  My girls scream at the cats when trying to get into their room and at bugs in general.  I scream at scorpions and I'm glad Michigan doesn't have them.

I also have been known to scream in frustration when something is getting out of hand at home.  Well, it's more like a growl, really, but I think it could apply.

Now for the reader's turn:  What makes you scream?  Is it a positive or negative event that causes it?  Or both?  I want to know. 

Now for my ROW 80 Update:

Reading:  Finished Sookie #7 and #8, as well as Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe;
WIP:  Added 1,741 new words to my novel;
Exercise:  None :(
Halloween preparations with kids:  Finished carving pumpkins and got the "Ruby Slippers" for my little Dorothy.  Too bad my little Minnie Mouse is too sick to go Trick-or-Treating tomorrow.  Rotten stomach virus.

Happy Reading!


Angela Wallace said...

I used to scream at the sight of spiders. Now I swear, which is worse, but at least it only comes out when I'm scared suddenly.

Word count looks good. How about your cumulative progress? Is the novel as a whole going well?

Sia said...

I've added 3,569 words, giving me a grand total of 40,701 words spread through eleven chapters. The pieces are coming together. Sorry for the delay in response. Holidays are just super busy for me and I've been under the umbrella of mandatory overtime at my day job, so I'm exhausted when I get home to spend maybe an hour and a half with my kids before its their bed time. It's just a time management struggle. I'm off for a week now and I hope to get back into my WIP, even if I am so far behind I feel like I need to skip this ROW 80 and try again on the next one.