Monday, October 3, 2011

First Official ROW 80 Round 4 of 2011 Post

Ok, I'm going to do it.  Here is my first set of goals:

Put the following three projects in my yWriter5 program to assist in outlining and editing:

Project 1:  Paranormal Investigator novel (Liz Lochran, main character)
Project 2:  From Night Into Dawn (working title of historical, Christian romance)
Project 3:  Before Atlantis (working title of Atlantean series, Book 1)

I'm giving myself two weeks to have this done.  Then I will focus on my next set of goals:

Project 1:  Add 1000 new words a week
Project 2:  Add 1000 new words a week
Project 3:  Add 500 new words a week

When I feel like I have finally finished a project, then I will change the goals to reflect edits and rewrites.  Since Project 3 is mainly a rewrite, that is why I decided on a smaller amount of words and this will be harder to track since I will be using previously written text along with new phrasing and scenes - or throwing out entire scenes to be replaced with others.

Maybe the goal seems unrealistic, but considering my need to work on multiple projects at once to keep my brain from getting bored, I thought this would be a good start.  I could always change these goals if I suddenly feel like it is too much.

We shall see.

On top of that, I always am setting some reading goals, just nothing too specific.  I want to finish at least one book a week, but I may have to make it one book every two weeks or more to have the time to blog, read, write, and take care of the multiple projects waiting for me at home (e.g. laundry, dishes, taking the kids to school to name a few).

If anyone has any suggestions for me, I am very willing to listen and eager to learn what has worked for him/her.  

Happy Reading!


Erin Brambilla said...

Best of luck with your goals this round. I have reading goals too and I had no idea how to make them measurable, other than to say I wanted to read :). It is tough to squeeze it all in, isn't it! That's why ROW80 is so great: all these cheerleaders to inspire us.

Sia said...

Thanks for stopping by and cheering me on, Erin.

I try to slip in some reading at breaks at work and when the kids are occupied, but I can't leave the room just yet in case of the chaos they normally invoke whenever I step out of the room.

It is tough! I'm glad its so flexible, though. That helps when I can rearrange my goals whenever it looks like something is going to rear its ugly head.