Saturday, October 29, 2011

Slasher Saturday

I think I already mentioned this, but I don't really care for Slasher movies.  However, I'm dubbing the Saturday before Halloween, Slasher Saturday.  I'm on a roll and going to have fun with it.

Wikipedia defines "slasher movie" as "A slasher film is a type of horror film typically involving a psychopathic killer stalking and killing a sequence of victims in a graphically violent manner, often with a cutting tool such as a knife or axe."  No wonder I don't like them!  What the definition doesn't add is that a good portion of slasher movies, especially in modern times, also includes some voluptuous dingbat that is required, and shortly killed, to add titillation.  Something like this:

 That doesn't leave much for the imagination.  Copy and past the heavy sarcasm here.

The earliest slasher was called Thirteen Women which was released in 1932, according to my Wikipedia source (and how reliable is that?).  That was a long time ago!  Since slashers didn't seem to really take rise until the 1960's, this is probably a little known fact.

I'm sure some of you remember the classic Psycho or even its remake with Anne Heche in 1998.  For me Hitchcock's thriller/slasher movie is preferred because it left the viewer to try to come up with his/her own theories of what is happening until the very end of the film.   It was this mental titillation that I rate a movie on over the erotic titillation in modern slashers.  Keep me interested and on the edge of my seat and I'll enjoy the movie a little bit more despite all the blood and guts.

My sister and I tend to agree that the Scream movies are a little more along our preferences as well.  It has some campy, fun parts to keep you from getting too drawn into the drama and intensity of a scene.  How can you not laugh at Jamie Kennedy yelling at the TV for the girl to look behind her when he should be doing the same thing?  

So, how about my readers?  Are there any slasher movies you would sit down to watch in the bright lights of your living room in broad daylight or in the darkest of nights?  Any of you prefer to watch the classics or modern slashers?  Anyone like to have bouts of fright, then bouts of laughter?  Let me know!

Happy Reading!

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